What is meant by freedom of Press?

Every year, on the occasion of global daily press conference, journalistic organizations reiterate the demands of freedom of Press and the demands of removing the difficulties of writing and speaking, despite immovable commitment, there was no balance between our state and the media. Dawn News
Daily Press Conference
demands of freedom of Press and the demands of removing the difficulties of writing and speaking, despite immovable commitment, there was no balance between our state and the media. Dawn News Daily Dawn has written that, the big media houses informed several permanent columns that the newspaper will not be able to publish their columns, “News” has been written in ten years for a written call to Musharraf Zaidi. If you have to post your latest article on Twitter, the article of Babar Satar Advocate was not published, he th He has tagged the freely controlled media, has been published by the correspondent newspaper to some articles from some of the following articles of his writings. According to Daily Dawn, the Pakistani Press, although not limited to the sanctions shipment, has been the same for the past decade, the military dictatorship However, the conflicts of media groups weakened the power of immunity against non-democratic restrictions. Therefore, the protection of journalists and workers of the world’s free press, aspect of the need to stop the laws of the law from cairo Aspect Freedom of journalism in Pakistan has fallen, the Freedom Network (FN) who views the rights of journalists Between May 2017 and April 2018, a record of 157 attacks on journalists in Pakistan recorded only 55 incidents of violence on journalists in Islamabad. Khabar reported that if the threats of militancy decreased, federal capital journalists Become a dangerous city. Many exciting facts will come if we understand the real motives of pressures on the journalists by the military organizations and the state institutions and try to determine the nature and freedom of freedom.
Of course, as long as the written powers of speech and speech are only standing on the basis of scientific state, then freedom of writing will be meaningless, but since the corporate media policy of dynamics of politics and somehow power As part of the freedom of expression, the change of freedom was transformed. In the pledge of Waltier before France, the peninsula played an important role in bringing religious and political freedoms to European society by effectively resisting the Church’s religious prejudice and pen against the sovereignty. Therefore, Napoleon had said, “If the Borbone family controls the instrumentation, then the next hundred The government continues to El … But after the promotion of information technology, when the vast empire of corporate media came into existence, one of them began to control the entire power of the House and the other people connected to the heart and brain. But the citizens want to think about their ability to think and speak. These days, in our society, the type of freedom of journalism, the European and American journalism is far beyond the tendency of this world of reality. I have entered, is our media unmatched and unaware of any legal liability or moral closure in its practice It is unlikely to say anything to Ej, what is unlimited right to say? If this is not possible, this will not be possible, and in addition to such independence and state, itself itself will prove to be fatal for its survival of the media itself.
Freedom which is actually an imagination and trend, the first condition is its ban, after 4000 years of experience, man managed independence in the state’s state, if the state was dissolved, freedom would disappear, but freedom The philosophy of journalism is still unclear and such complex imagination, the world’s journalistic wisdom, which could not determine the limitations. However, after the long-term Kashmir crisis, in 1791, with the first amendment in the US Constitution, without its senses The right to print and circulate opinion, in the last two hundred years, Western Media has a suitable opportunity for itself within a legal framework. The words in which he himself was safe and immune and the Society survived its powerful waves, but our society could not regulate the media’s power, and here the intellectual conflicts of the society increased the flood conflicts of thousands of controversial news. Is dispersing
Of course information is a kind of power and the right to use this power can deserve freedom to know the art, but since the time the journal began to be used as the Transformational Diplomacy and Demonstration Tool, the freedom of journalism The questions and answers were changed. Now freedom of journalism has become more important to avoid the negative effects of the society’s negligence, although the right to acquire accurate information is the basic right of every citizen, but the media depends on the media to achieve information. They can also mislead them through the tale and truthfulness of the facts, the fears of this fear, the recent journal of the New York Times’s New Chief Press of Staff John Sonton’s New York Press Club. Asked questions, John Sonton said, ‘In America, till date, free of America There is nothing wrong with this, you know and I know that, none of you who can write your honest opinion, if you do so, you already know that It will never be published, I get every week to keep my loyal opinion from this newspaper, from which I am connected, all of you get the same salary of the same work, either of you If you do not even think about writing a perception, then for a new job

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